Garden Services Ltd


We can meet all of your gardening needs

Lawn mowing
Hedge cutting
Rose pruning
Shrub and tree pruning
Weeding borders
Garden clearance
Planting and thinning herbaceous borders
Lawn treatments, fertiliser and weed killing
Leaf collection 


We can care your entire garden from the front gate to the compost heap.  

If you want to carry on working in your own garden and just want help with the heavy or repetitive tasks like mowing or weeding, then we can help.

When we look after your garden we will prune all your shrubs and roses at the right time of year so you get the best from your garden.

We carry out regular maintenance, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

We use professional rear roller mowers that can cope with any weather that is thrown at us and still give your lawn that satisfying striped finish that stays looking good.

What we do

We offer a complete maintenance service for private gardens, commercial and industrial sites

Raised Borders

Raised borders can have very specific problems from drying out in hot weather to holding water in the winter.  If you need help with yours contact us 

Maintaining Industrial and commercial sites

We can maintain commercial sites of any size, with large areas of grass shrub borders and hedges as well as roadways.

Mowing lawns

We take pride in the lawns we look after and can offer a full range of services, from mowing to a complete range of treatments including moss treatment, fertiliser, scarifying for moss removal, and thatch and aeration to allow air to get to the roots.

Garden Clearance

From long grass and weeds, to gardens taken over with brambles, we can help you reclaim your gardens forgotten areas

Pruning trees and shrubs

We can prune all of your trees, shrubs and  and roses as a stand alone service or as part of a complete garden maintenance service.

Herbaceous Borders

We maintain many herbaceous borders both large and small, therefore we understand the needs and specific requirements to help them flourish.

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